Offshore 26470 PT

オフショア 26470 PT




この作品の制作には、数ヶ月に渡って180時間以上もの時間が費やされました。ANCHANの代表する作品であり、有名な時計を非常に多くの緻密で微細なディテールで再現しています。よく見ると、「Royal Oak(ロイヤルオーク)」や「Technical artistry(技術的芸術性)」などの言葉や、オリジナルの時計にまつわる要素が、ANCHANのデザインの中に隠されています。一見無造作に見えるディテールにも、隠された一面が加わっているのです。


This original artwork was inspired by one of the most famous models of the notorious luxury watch brand – Audemars Piguet: the Royal Oak Offshore. This 42mm case platinum model with its octagonal bezel, its bright “méga  tapisserie” pattern dial, and its sporty features were the perfect motivation for this particular watch artwork.


The creation of this piece took ANCHAN not less than 180 hours of work, spread over few months. Very representative of his work in general, this piece depicts what appears to be the famous watch, reproduced with a tremendous amount of intricate and tiny details. Only when looking closely, these details would reveal words and phrases such as “Royal Oak” or “Technical artistry”, and other elements relating to the original watch that have been hidden in the design by ANCHAN. The hidden aspects of the work add another dimension to those details that may appear to be random.