Langematik Honey

ランゲマティック ハニー




このユニークな作品の制作には250時間以上の時間が費やされ、通常のANCHANの作品と同様に、モデルに関連する多くの言葉が細部に隠されています。他の作品とは異なり、この作品は時計だけではなく、モデルを取り巻くオーラにも焦点を当てており、ドローイングの中には「Rich history(豊かな歴史)」や「State-of-the-Art tradition(最先端の伝統)」といった表現や、背景にはランゲの言葉「時計だけでなく、自分自身にも求めるものがある。決して立ち止まってはいけない。」があります。


In the world of Horology, the German brand A. Lange&Söhne is one of the finest and most renowned brands in the world. Its Langematik Perpetual Honey Gold model is stately, understated, elegant and tasteful, very much in the Saxon aesthetics. It is also perhaps the most classic in spirit of all Lange’s watches due to the Roman numerals features on the dial.

Honey Gold is a proprietary alloy developed by A. Lange & Söhne, and this particular piece depicted here, with all its features: its mirror polished bezel and lugs, the patented and signature outsize date window, the moonphase complication… all this meticulous attention to detail and finishes for which Lange is renowned, has been a unique inspiration for ANCHAN.

More than 250 hours went into the creation of this unique artwork, and as usually in ANCHAN’s artworks many words related to the model itself are hidden in the details, invisible to the untrained eyes. Unlike most of his other pieces, this one doesn’t only focus on the watch, but on the aura around the model it is based on, including in the drawing some expressions as “Rich history”, “State-of-the-Art tradition” or in the background some of Mr. Lange’s words, such as “There is something that you demand not only of your watch but also of yourself: Never stand still”.