Jumbo S.W. 5740/4G

ジャンボ S.W. 5740/4G



ANCHANは、この現代的なアート作品を構成する全てのディテールに数ヶ月間、数え切れないほどの時間を費やして磨きをかけてきました。肉眼で見ても美しい作品の下には、拡大鏡で見ただけではオリジナルモデルを表す言葉や表現が分かるような、複雑でバランスの取れたディテールが無数に存在しています。「Gérald Genta(ジェラルド・ジェンタ)」、「Jumbo(ジャンボ)」、「Nautilus(ノーチラス)」などの言葉や表現は、ルーペでしか見ることができません。


Patek Philippe and their Nautilus series has captivated watch enthusiasts’ minds for decades. This artwork is based on the original watch, which in ANCHAN’s eyes, has one of the most attractive shapes and design in the vast ocean of luxury watches. This one, with its smooth octagonal bezel, brushed surface, famous horizontal grooves, two big ears, being the first Grand Complication in the Nautilus collection, this particular model evokes a vintage feeling that the artist greatly appreciates.  

ANCHAN has spent countless hours over several months refining all the details that compose this modern piece of art. In his authentic style, beneath what seems to the naked eye a simply beautiful artworks lies a myriad of intricate and balanced details that only a magnifying glass would help find out words and expressions referring to the original watch model. Words and expressions such as “Gérald Genta”, “Jumbo”, “Nautilus” among others, can only be revealed by a magnifying glass.