Doozy J-Town

ドゥージーJ -タウン



いつものように、“Classic J-Town(クラシックなJタウン)“Timeless beauty(時代を超えた美しさ)“Prestige(威信)“Stylish(粋)“1930 “といった言葉や、アメリカのスラングで使われる有名なキャッチフレーズ “It’s a doozy (すばらしい)などの表現が、ラインワークの複雑さの中に隠され、このモノクロームの作品の構造を形成しています。

The first vintage car drawn by ANCHAN, a majestic American 1930’s Duesenberg J-Town. This particular car evocates power and wealth at first glance like no other car from the first half of the 20th century. Founded by German-American brothers Fred and Augie Duesenberg in Minnesota, the brand was famous for producing the fastest cars of its generation, entirely handmade, something that speaks to ANCHAN and inspired him to create this unique Line artwork.

As always, number of words and expressions are hidden in the intricacy of the line work and form the structure of this monochrome piece, such as “Classic J-Town”, “Timeless beauty”, “Prestige”, “Stylish”, “1930”, or famous catchphrase “It’s a doozy” used in American slang inspired directly by this particular car.